Music from the band The Hollering Pines is an uncommon sound for Salt Lake City, Utah. They are an Americana supergroup comprised of some of the best musicians in the valley. I’ve been listening to this record on the regs and that’s why it’s the Record Spread feature of the month. I’ve seen them play in a backyard in Sugarhouse and the Urban Lounge and whatever the venue they deliver.

It’s a moody record, as you may assume from the title “Mansion of Heartbreak”. But people have been listening to moodier music during the pandemic. Tuning in to lighter, moodier music while we are all stuck at home more and more was a contribution to why I picked this album. What a great time to just pop a record on the turntable and unwind.

I’ve been communicating back and forth with the band over email and a box of records just arrived last night on my doorstep. I’ve been spending my Saturday morning eating some oatmeal out of the last clean bowl in the house and preparing for this month’s mailout.

This is the second month here at Record Spread and each day it seems we get additional subscribers. We received so many more new signups than I projected and I’m actually in the process of going back and buying additional records from The Hollering Pines to fulfill this month’s shipment.

I picked this record because it’s a healing tongue in cheek look at a relationship falling apart. Sad music for me isn’t something that I just throw on and vacuum over. This isn’t a dance playlist at a Zumba class it’s an immersive experience to be involved with and hears ever texture of.

You’ll probably have to ditch your speakers this month and hear this one with a set of headphones so you can catch every element that went into this album. Afterward go catch them on their website where you can view a list of canceled shows, pick up a copy of their latest album, that is YELLOW, or discover the individual contributors that performed on this record.