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Record Spread is a curated monthly vinyl subscription club dedicated to delivering great music right to your door.
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A record club, but different. As a musician myself, I want to help out the bands I follow. These are bands I’ve played shows with, bands I subscribe to, bands that inspire me to create and spread music. The record of the month spans various genres, and represents the music you can find on my turntable at home.

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Record of the Month

Ryan Conger – Spacecaseace and The New Fang Dangled

Ryan Conger – Spacecaseace and The New Fang Dangled

This album Spacecaseace and The New Fang Dangled by Ryan Conger is likely unlike anything in your collection. It combines a wide variety of musical generas to create a unique experience of music. Recorded in Varanasi, India, The Canary Islands, and The United States...

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