What Kind of Music Can I Expect?

Record Spread is for the music lovers who find themselves saying “I like everything”, but what they really mean is that they love good music. I personally like Folk, Punk, Indie, Singer/Songwriter, and a little bluegrass, electronic, hip hop, and Metal. So the music you will receive will reflect these genres.

As Record Spread subscribers grow, I plan to start creating niches that will give users more choice month to month. For now it’s anything that would be on my turntable. From Salt Lake City bands to national and international artists I’ve shared the stage with. I am excited to take subscribers on a journey and show them my world.

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Do I get to pick the genres?
No you do not. Just subscribe and a new record will show up every month. And receive anything from Country to Punk.

Where do I get a record player?
Support local! Here are some of my favorite places in SLC.
Diabolical Records, Randys Records, Raunch Records, Sound and Vision Vinyl, and Albatross Records

How does it work?
Pick a subscription package, pay (duh), and receive amazing music. It’s that simple.

How do I gift a Record Spread subscription?
You can select give as a gift on checkout. This will ask you for their email address. For more info read here.

Do you offer CDs?
Nope. CDs are dumb, fragile, disposable garbage. Just kidding. But seriously we do not.

If I cancel before the end of my 3 months or year will I still get the records?
Yes. But you should never cancel, we wouldn’t cancel on you.