The album this month is by the band Sarchasm. They are a band from Berkeley, California I really admire. They tour through Utah frequently enough they are practically a local band here. If you enjoy this album you’ll definitely want to check out some of their other releases.

A slight diversion – Their May of 2020 release is a live show they recorded at 924 Gilman that will make you miss live music, particularly punk shows. So if you enjoy this album go track that down on bandcamp. 

This self titled album Sarchasm is a deep dive into the emotions of being a musician and watching your friends and family circles change in your 20s. Actually thats what I have to say about the album, I’m not sure what they wrote it about those are just the feeling is stirs up in me. What can I say maybe it means something completely different to each of us, as art is subjective.