In a riotous burst of punk rock passion, Record Spread introduces the exhilarating sounds of “Lamplighter” by the dynamic three-piece band, On The Cinder. Emerging from the heart of Buffalo, New York, this punk rock trio has been igniting stages since their establishment in 2013. “Lamplighter,” an 11-track full-length masterpiece, encapsulates the raw, unapologetic energy that defines On The Cinder’s sound. With ferocious riffs and unrelenting drums, their music is a visceral experience that pierces through the norm. On The Cinder’s relentless dedication to their craft is evident in the explosive nature of their tracks, setting ablaze a punk rock fire that burns brightly throughout “Lamplighter.” This record is a vibrant testament to the band’s unwavering commitment to their punk roots, serving as a beacon for those craving unbridled, unapologetic punk rock fervor.