The featured record of the month is Crumble and rise from the band Hellaphant. Faster and Louder Records proudly presents by the electrifying band Hellaphant. This album, a limited release, encapsulates the culmination of the band’s journey since its inception four years ago when Garrington Begner and Matthew Lunnen joined forces in Matt’s studio, inspired by their shared vision for exceptional music. Hailing from the Greater Toronto Area, the band’s lineup has evolved over time, resulting in the current powerhouse configuration: Garrington Begner on vocals and guitar, Chris Arenburg on bass, Scott Cameron on drums, and Jason Holmes on lead guitar and backing vocals. Hellaphant, now signed to Faster and Louder Records in London, ON, is led by singer-songwriter Garrington Begner, whose musical career spans various ventures, including Leftovers and -LAME-. With influences like The Replacements, The Monkees, and Big Drill Car, Hellaphant weaves catchy pop-punk melodies into a package that resonates with both nostalgia and modern energy. Chris Arenburg’s steadfast bass, Scott Cameron’s thunderous drums, and Jason Holmes’ dynamic guitar playing complete the band’s unique sound. Hellaphant is a testament to four passionate musicians coming together to create music that they are truly proud of. Welcome to the world of Hellaphant.