Several years ago one of my bands (Folk Hogan) was contacted about performing with a touring band On The Water from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We checked out their music and some Youtube videos online and knew we needed to book a show with this band immediately. As lucky as we were to get to play with this band we booked a show, started to spread the word, and on the day of the event no one showed up. It was us, them, 2 bartenders, and 2 ladies from the dance club next door. Even though the show was a total bust it was one of the greatest bands I’ve ever heard.

I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to include On The Water and this month’s Record Spread is that moment. This album is very dynamic with songs that will stick with you for days. I greatly encourage you to check out some of the band’s other work and side projects (Mutant Flesh for instance) if you can.

This album is one of the most played in my collection and I hope you enjoy listening to it. It’s a representation of why I set out to start Record Spread – to share music from bands I love and help them connect with new fans. Thank you for being apart of this journey with me.