Sometimes you love a record. Sometimes you’ll love a record so much that you buy every last copy of it and the band has to look through cupboards and cabinets to find enough to ship it out. That’s what happened this month with this record, and I bought every last copy of it.

Weekend forever by casual Friday is the record of the month this month of January 2021.

Let’s say you were a pop-punk band locked in a concrete room with only the Weezer Blue album to shovel your way out. Yeah, that’s kind of what this album sounds like, but it’s also so much more.

I know for a lot of us this last year was like being locked in the concrete room but please don’t attempt to shovel your way out with this record. Well, you can – metaphorically – but just don’t damage the LP.

I’ve been working with Rob at Hidden Home Records previewing the catalog of bands and I knew you had to have a copy of this album. I hope you enjoy it as I have.